APB Reloaded Servers Down Pt.2?

APB Reloaded Servers Down Pt.2?

Citadel Down?

Uh oh. Seems like APB Reloaded’s servers are having issues again. There have been some user reports on the forums describing outages regarding the servers around the afternoon for our fellow EU comrades.

User “l0oked” even states that the “forum and armas were down for a sec”, hinting that this different than your typical outage. Or maybe it’s just a regular outage… *shrug*

These server issues are quite worrying, as some players might be afraid to jump into the creative kiosks as they might lose progress on their symbol or song. Citadel was reported to be up for a little while until dying again.

It’s 2:32AM so this is the only update I’ll be able to provide for the night. I need my beauty sleep.

Edit: Seems like all servers are effected according to “El-Neko”. Since the APB team from the UK is gone, I’m not entirely sure if that’ll affect the response time on fixing this sudden event.

Edit 2 (12:53pm PST): Good morning world. Seems like servers are fine now, but some users on the forums say the servers are still on mitigation so lag spikes might occur. I can only verify for Jericho that I can see districts are up.

12:53PM Jericho Server Status

Final Edit: Servers are fine as of 9/17/16. Until they become unfine I guess…some quality reporting here…yup.