Freebies and “Founders” Tag for PS4 Players

Freebies and “Founders” Tag for PS4 Players

Link to official blog post, click here.

All Points Bulletin: Reloaded has officially launched for Playstation 4. The catch is that it’s currently labeled as a “soft launch” meaning that it will have limited public announcements other than the formal launch announcement from the publisher.

What free stuff?

As described in their blog post, they will be giving out freebies to all players who log in and will be giving out “Founders” tags for those who put in more than 10 hours in game prior to the first patch, or during the first 30 days, whichever comes first. Rewards are said to be delivered at patch time. I have no idea what “freebies” refers to.

There’s also a forum available for Playstation 4 players to provide feedback and discuss the game with other players. You will need to log into APB from a PS4 before you are able to use these forums.