Halloween Horseman Event Exploiters May Cause Removal of Event

Halloween Horseman Event Exploiters May Cause Removal of Event

tiggs response to exploiters in horseman eventThis has been one bizarre October.

According to many players, there’s been an exploit going around that allows a player to jump into out-of-bounds areas and into buildings you’re not actually suppose to gain access to. This is obviously a disadvantage to players who are still obeying the rules.

However, this is just an odd response to the current situation by the team. Tiggs replies back to a player on the forums stating that the team are “unable to just fix it”.

How are people doing it?

This might be irresponsible of me but screw it. I’m sure you guys aren’t dumb enough to reproduce it to get banned and maybe it’ll force G1 to make a move. It would be a terrible look if they had to cancel an event because of an exploit that’s ruining the player experience. Part of the reason for this website is to document these events as well.

From what I’ve heard, what you need to do is knock over a mobile shield flat onto the ground and stand on top of it and shoot it until it breaks. I have to admit that I haven’t played this event at all, but if all it takes is a Mobile Shield consumable to reproduce this exploit…you would think that the go-to move would be to…remove the Mobile Shield consumable?

Edit #1: Turns out they can disable mods. What’s the excuse, folks?

But hey. Maybe they actually didn’t receive any information from players on how to reproduce it. Maybe they actually can’t remove one consumable temporarily from the game until they can work out a fix for it. I’m an optimistic person, and I’ll always give something the benefit of the doubt. But this…this is just really bizarre.

FairFight auto/manual ban contradiction?

On a side note, I noticed that Tiggs responded on this post before locking it stating:

The contradiction is that I messaged ModSquad 20 a few days ago asking if FairFight bans were exclusively for cheaters only, as I’ve heard stories of people banned and broadcasted but for non-cheating reasons. He responded:

So in short, yes, he says FairFight is only for cheaters as it gathers player data to find anomalies. Makes sense. FairFight advertises itself as a system that uses numbers to find things that should be impossible or near impossible without an outside program.

This is the response that contradicts what Tiggs said previously.

Contradiction #1

Tiggs states that “FairFight hasn’t been manual bans in a many months.”
However, Mod Squad 20 says that “most if not all are manual.”

Contradiction #2

Tiggs also says that “if someone is banned by FairFight, they are cheating.”
Yet, Mod Squad 20 said “…not entirely sure if bans broadcast are all about cheating.”


I believe that is controlled by the GM, not entirely sure if bans broadcast are all about cheating, however, it is known that most bans if not all are manual, and the broadcast occurs when a player is hit by the ban while playing or when they log in, also some may be broadcasted by the GM.

Update #1

I made a post on the forums about this that got locked…

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