Halloween 2016 Horsemen Event!

Halloween 2016 Horsemen Event!

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Welcome to APB’s 2016 Headless Horsemen event! And Happy Halloween!

At the beginning of each round of the event players must collect a certain amount of pumpkins, by shooting them, in order to become the Horseman (there is an achievement for becoming the Horseman). The fog will soon roll in that will heavily reduce visibility.

The objectives of this event change depending on what you are…

  • As a SURVIVOR, you must survive and/or try to kill the Horseman. You earn points for surviving (duh), and extra points for killing and becoming the Horseman.
  • As the HORSEMAN, you must kill SURVIVORS to convert them into the “Horseman’s Army”. You have increased health, a flare gun, and a custom car.
  • As a SOLDIER, you must help the Horseman by killing other players, which recruits them into his army. Soldiers can respawn without penalty, and earn points for killing SURVIVORS.


  • Red names do not show above enemies in this game mode except in certain circumstances. You have to be very close, or the player must create noise by vehicle or firing their gun.
  • As a SOLDIER, the user interface will occasionally show the locations of SURVIVORS. Try to anticipate the direction they are heading towards rather than going directly to the last shown location.
  • As a HORSEMAN, good luck. These aren’t tips, but warnings. You will become swarmed by survivors. You will face multiple enemies at any given time. You will lose your position as Horseman to other players.
  • Many players are equipping anti-vehicle weapons such as OSMAWs and DMR-AVs which makes traveling by car very dangerous.
  • Some players tend to group up together by organizing into one car but as mentioned above, this makes vehicles very dangerous to be in/nearby.


Untested Theory: 

I have not acted out on this strategy below, but I wonder how effective it could be.

When playing the event in Financial, gather a group of friends and head towards the northern part of the map, where the tower (the location for Fight Club’s Beacon) that’s being constructed by the gas station. In theory, this place would be great to defend against an army because it requires ladder access which could help funnel the amount of soldiers attempting to kill survivors. It also has a decent amount of cover spread among the building that can easily be choke points.

The only weaknesses would be if the Horseman army has a bunch of long ranged weapons surrounding the tower and suppressing survivors from being able to peek their heads out in key locations. Grenades and grenade launchers would also be very effective on bombarding this location.

Good luck out there!