‘HAN’ Servers are now located in Tokyo

‘HAN’ Servers are now located in Tokyo

HAN and it’s servers are now located in Tokyo instead of Singapore. With no official announcement, the move was confirmed through a Gamersfirst forum post where a player asked if the servers had moved to another location because of the higher ping they were receiving.

Forum user burvingtoN posts :

So it looks like HAN has been moved to Japan without any notification to players. Aussie players still use the server. I feel this is wrong. Even if it was going to happen. A forum post would have been good. My ms was 90 and now its 160. The Japanese players are now on 1 ms. So it’s not just server lag.

Has it been moved G1? Fess up.

This does raise a few questions since GamersFirst didn’t release any official statement or acknowledgement until now. Why the move? Why no announcement? WHERE’S THE ENGINE UPGRADE?