Has Punkbuster Gone Rogue? Pt.2

Has Punkbuster Gone Rogue? Pt.2

tiggs punkbuster

Hello again!

I forgot to mention that Tiggs was out enjoying TwitchCon during the odd events that occurred this weekend. That’s why there were no official statements regarding Punkbuster’s sporadic banning over the weekend. The image above is a direct screenshot of her post from this thread on the APB Reloaded forums.

The forum post lasted about 2 days, starting from October 1st, and being locked on October 3rd. It received 198 replies and gained 7554 views.

Regarding information about Punkbuster and the future:

  • PunkBuster is under investigation until they found out what happened
  • “…good chance that it will return fairly quickly, or that we decide not to turn it on back at all.”
  • “feel free to uninstall it but you may have to reinstall it again in order to play if / when we turn it back on.”

It’s still up in the air if EvenBalance’s Punkbuster will still continue to be the significant other to GameBlock’s FairFight. In any case, definitely feel free to uninstall Punkbuster in the meantime since the reinstallation is relatively painless.