July 4th Event: Login and Win Event

July 4th Event: Login and Win Event

Link to the login and win event blog post.

APB: Reloaded currently has a “Login and Win Event”, which means you get rewarded for simply logging in during the times posted below to earn that day’s specific reward.

A Patriot Jacket, Eagle Mask, and an Uncle Sam Hat. It just oozes ‘4th of July‘, don’t you think?

Login Times and Rewards: 

Day 1: July 1st 5:01 PDT PM – July 2nd 5:00 PM PDT to earn Day 1: Patriot Jacket
Day 2: July 2nd 5:01 PDT PM – July 3rd 5:00 PM PDT to earn Day 2: Eagle Mask
Day 3: July 3rd 5:01 PDT PM – July 4th 5:00 PM PDT to earn Day 3: Uncle Sam Hat


There’s no excuse to not do this one fellas. Just login during the given times, log into a district just to play it safe, and then continue on with the rest of your day.

(Here’s a link to a Time Zone Converter.)

Edit: Event is over. Too bad. So sad. Should have done it sooner. You procrastinator. You goofed up. I’m ashamed of you. There were free things to take advantage of, and you didn’t take advantage of the free things!