APB Reloaded Servers Down?

APB Reloaded Servers Down?


Check this forum post for updates.

Jericho, Citadel, and Han were restarted this afternoon PST. It seems like there was some success until an hour later. Jericho was thrown into maintenance with no ETA on it being re-upped. Citadal was reported to have DDoS attacks.

I’m about to head out to class, but I’d be glad to try and keep this updated, and welcome any information people might have.

Edit: Shots fired.

shots fired

edit 2: holy shit the screenshots are small. let me fix this garbage.

Edit 3: can’t fix screenshots yet. Some reports of bring able to connect, some are stuck on connecting/loading to a district.

Edit 4: Jericho and Citadel should be back up according to Tiggs.