November Summarized

November Summarized

There is a new blogpost for 11/14/16 and you can access it by clicking here.

A blog post has offloaded some more information about what’s going on. Specifically, Punkbuster and the PlayStation 4 release.

Christmas Event 2016

Unfortunately, I can’t report on this because I have no access to OTW. Not sure if the event has changed or is the same from last year. Regardless, here are some pictures from the blog!

Female Santa Outfit


It’s official! Punkbuster has been removed from the launcher, and it has been officially stated that it is safe to uninstall it from your computer. Although, any players new/old who are installing can uninstall PB after the installation process.

PB ban forgiveness?

It’s true. Some players who have been banned via PB are now seeing their accounts unbanned. The ban reversal process will take place via email. In other words, do not contact support about this, they will reach out to you if applicable.

  • “If your account was multiple banned which means by PunkBuster and FairFight, or for another Terms of Service violation and PunkBuster, your account will not be unbanned.”


There were some forum posts about some questionable bans on players. According to this post, there have been false positives and those 71 accounts will be contacted via email on Tuesday 11/15/16.



The only update I see is that the Halloween event will be removed on Wednesday. A patch is currently being worked on to fix bugs, and I assume, launch the Christmas event.

Playstation 4:

We’ve got our fingers crossed for a launch prior to Christmas but we’re at Sony’s mercy. While we’re hoping for the best, we still continue to work on PS4 and we’ll let you know once we have more information on the launch date.

Happy Holidays! Or sad holidays. Whatever floats your boat.

Christmas Dumptruck