Has Punkbuster Gone Rogue?

Has Punkbuster Gone Rogue?

Just so you know, it seems like everyone that has been banned was eventually unbanned.

I’m not exactly sure when Punkbuster started going haywire, but around morning time PST, a thread popped up on the forums that had a bunch of contributors stating that they’ve received an 10008 error message.  One user reported creating a new account and was also banned again. A forum moderator posts 30 minutes in after the original post saying that they will try to inform someone of power. An hour later, the same mod updates stating:


The mod states further in the post that even he was banned. *shrug*

User reports started coming in around 2pm PST stating that they were now able to login to their accounts, and an official tweet from the APB Reloaded twitter account confirmed it.

Last thing to mention, Punkbuster’s website no longer lists APB Reloaded as an official supported game. What does this mean? I have no clue honestly. All we could do is just speculate. They could be shifting fully onto FairFight, or this is just a temporary status indicator.