Refer-a-Friend is being shut down.

Refer-a-Friend is being shut down.

It has been announced that Refer-a-Friend will be shutting down at midnight on September 18th CDT.

Source: APB Forums

Tiggs answers various questions throughout the forum post.

“So will refer a friend be relaunched fully live or not relaunch again?”

A: “There won’t be any new and improved features, we’re discontinuing the RAF program.”

“Out of interest, what was the decision to close this down now?”

A: “We decided it’s best since it’s not being used as expected and nearly as much. It’s a waste of Dev time for the issues that are on going, they need to stay focused on their current project. ”

“Any chance of the content exclusive to RaF being put on Armas?”

A: “It’s possible in the future.”

“Do we keep the earned points and will we be able to spend them even after it’s closed?”

A: “No sorry, once it’s closed they’re gone.”

Refer a Friend interface

What is Refer-a-Friend?

Announced officially on July 10, 2015, Refer-a-friend was a program that allowed existing players to invite friends to earn potential rewards, anything from account-bound weapon skins to a 4×4 account-bound Patriot Vegas with 4 open slots (one of the superior vehicles in the game).

One issue some might run into was the matchmaking system. The RaF program encourages you to play with your referral. Since I was a veteran, and he was fresh out of the police academy, the system had a hard time finding an optimal match for us. It was either easy for me, or hard for him. The program gave out generous rewards which caused a temporary wave of existing players to create “new” accounts to try to reap the benefits. Regardless, this idea was going in a good direction, although the timing was a bit questionable. I’m a big believable in first impressions and there are still pre-existing bugs and issues (client performance still being one of the biggest concerns) that I would have waited for a later time for it’s implementation.

RaF was released as Open Beta, but will no longer be available to the APB community.

The program lasted for about 426 days from introduction to closing.