Server Issues – Rumors

Server Issues – Rumors

Recently, the APB forums have been barraged with posts about unplayable servers with most believing it to be someone DDOSing. However, rumor has it that the recent server issues are not caused by DDOS, but by an in-game exploit. In this forum post, user CookiePuss explains saying:

the guy claiming to be behind the problems said it was an exploit, not a DDoS and that he had been trying to get support to fix it, but couldn’t get past tier one, so he decided to use it instead in the hopes someone would listen to him

Tiggs, the community manager, responds back by saying:

No one’s contacted support about an exploit that I’m aware of.  I’ve there’s an exploit that needs to be fixed, anyone can reach out to me with details to support.

I don’t like assuming, but that’s what I’ll do here. Something doesn’t add up. Either someone is lying, or maybe support is just slacking behind that they haven’t prioritized the supposedly sent ticket by the person currently utilizing the bug.


Tiggs responded on 7/15/17 in this thread stating:

If you’re having trouble please  post which server and district. Or where exactly you’re having trouble. We’ve been trying all districts and have no problem logging in. 

Logging in isn’t the issue…it’s the servers staying up.