APB Reloaded: Summer Survival Event – The Good and Bad

APB Reloaded: Summer Survival Event – The Good and Bad

What’s the Summer Survival Event?

apb summer survival event

From what the blog post describes it, you can compare it to the increasingly popular genre: Battle Royale. By that, I’m referring to games like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, H1Z1: King of the Kill, and The Culling. It sounds like GamersFirst wants to jump on in this trend as well.

And yes, they hope to create this into a permanent game mode. Here’s a following quote from the latest blog post.

The goal of the event (after taking player input) is to consider it for a new permanent game mode if it proves to be popular…and seeing the success of Battlegrounds and H1Z1 Survival mode, we realized we have almost all the ingredients in APB to create a gang-land survival game, and we want to your help to make this event as fun as possible.

The Breakdown

Here’s a quick rundown on what they announced on the blogposts. They do mention that all the numbers are subject to change.

  • Game mode: Free for All Battle Royale Deathmatch.
  • Victory conditions: Last one standing.


  • Playable area (known as blocks) in the district becomes smaller over time.
  • In ‘dangerous/unplayable’ blocks, players take 200 damage per second after 10 second delay.
  • You can only join at the start of the round.
  • A five-minute countdown is triggered when a minimum of 10 players enter.
  • Players can join during the five minute countdown.
  • District is considered full once 70 players have joined.
  • As a tiebreaker mechanic on the ‘final’ block, remaining players will take 10 damage per second until there is only one survivor remaining.

For rewards, they vaguely mention promotions and giveaways for those with ‘the lowest average survival number over some event period’. And they also vaguely mention special awards for the ‘best repeat survivors’.


I can’t help but come to the thought of G1/RP wanted to ride on the current popular game genre: Battle Royale. It’s just…so odd? I mean as a company, you’re juggling multiple operations right? I’m sure you have separate teams, but then you can’t say you’re understaffed, and then go into several different directions.

I’m referring to the PC Engine Upgrade, Innova Migration, Xbox & PS4 Patches, and now a new game mode to tap into the Battle Royale crowd. I mentioned three games that have been quite popular among the gaming community, however, these are standalone games. For all I know, the developers have spent all of their time and resources on improving aspects related to their genre.


APB Reloaded Battle Royale
“What’s the flavor of the month? BATTLE ROYALE!”

The announcement of creating this new game mode sounds like Gamersfirst/Reloaded Productions might be biting off more than they can chew. The amount of effort that would go into balancing the game mode would be immense. The real shocker would be if they implemented changes in the new game mode, but left out lingering bugs such as the Security Van Steering Drift, or the Bishada/Jericho collision boxes. Biting off more than you can chew?


In fact, the Mountie SF9 Yukon’s fire rate still has not been attended to. Based off this tweet and of this current time, it’s been 344 days since it’s release…and you tell me you want to create a game mode that would consume valuable time and resources?

Words of Caution

I’m going to write out this section to see how write us older players are on what gameplay mechanics will turn the Battle Royale game mode into absolute trash. I don’t want to refer back to this post and point out everything they did was what we said we didn’t want them to do.


In the blog post, it looks like they are going to allow cars in this upcoming game mode. This is an absolutely terrible idea. ‘Car-play’ is one of APB’s most unsatisfying game style to play against. Since players are unable to be shot through windshields while in a vehicle, there are no downsides. G1/RP, if you allow vehicles, you’re going to have a bad time.


This isn’t official but if resource management (of ammo) is going to be a thing, vehicles are an ABSOLUTE no-no. The amount of scarce ammo you’d have to utilize to get someone out of a vehicle wouldn’t be worth it. Also, it would encourage players to try and drive around instead of engaging in firefights.

Lack of Cover?

If vehicles will be removed from the game mode (would be an insanely wise choice), G1/RP will need to scatter random props and objects all over San Paro. Items such as flaming flipped cars, barricades, etc. If no additional props are added to the streets of San Paro, players would be hesitant to traverse across the open roads.


For the love of god, keep everything stock and simple. No modifications or consumables and only the basics from essential weapon categories such as pistols, assault rifles, smgs, semi automatic rifles, and shotguns. I think fragmentation grenades that randomly spawn on the map would be a good way to control grenades.

  • star
  • ntec
  • JG
  • CSG
  • OBIR
  • Obeya 762
  • fbw
  • rfp(although in it’s current state, i could easily see players going an entire battle because of how strong it currently is)
  • rsa
  • OCAs
  • PMGs

I think I’m against HVRs because that category is still incredibly effective in all ranges. Would be amazing to not see it in that game mode.

Character Modifications

Same thing as weapons. Perhaps just force Clotting Agent 3 on every player? I’m open to suggestions, but CA3 seems like the most commonly used green mod regardless. Might want to keep everything stock as you don’t want to introduce too many variables to the game mode.

Player Names

Was it the Headless Horsemen event that gave us the interesting mechanic of not being able to see players name as a certain distance? I would like to see this implemented in this game mode as well. Of course, this would call for no walking civilians in the streets to avoid confusion. It would help against those random times that you can see players through walls (another long standing issue). I think it would also be an easy way to create immersion, as now you don’t see names, but enemies. Any faces you’ll encounter might be your last one.


Last I heard, G1/RP is still ‘fine-tuning’ their FairFight settings. For those not familiar with what FairFight is, it can be summed up as a real time cheat detection and suppression system. It utilizes fancy algorithmic models that scans for certain thresholds that if met can set off suspicions on a player.

Of course, depending on what that player is doing, that detection of a player can take anywhere from a few hours to a few months. I’m not sure how they handle in-game moderation for cheaters, but they will definitely need to step it up during this game mode to leave a good impression on new and veteran players.