Things to Note for October.

Things to Note for October.

Happy early Halloween.

Some more official statements have been released, so I’ll try to condense them down to available information from concrete sources. (mainly Tiggs)


Link to the official forum post.

If you have kept up with my previous post, there still is no certainty on whether they will decide to keep Punkbuster. However, Tiggs did state that Fairfight has been tweaked and modified with some processes automated, and some processes still being manually reviewed by GMs.

Update: Any PunkBuster bans in the last 30 days will be reverted. Forum post link here.


The release of OTW may be imminent. Some of you may have gotten your hands on the launcher from third-party sources. As expected, G1 does not recommend that method, and neither do I. Some download resources might be clean, but with more awareness about the OTW, some players might take advantage of players natural curiousity and download from the wrong sources.

  • Players that have gone on early will be locked and kicked out.
  • A post with more details and download available sometime next week. (?)
  • OTW will be available only when testing is required from the public. They will still need it for internal testing.
  • If OTW causes issues, game related or community related, it may return back to becoming a closed environment. (don’t muck it up boys)

Update: OTW official forum post here.


As some of you might know, Gamersfirst is currently bringing back the Brazilians. The official IP block started on 7/12/13 where the accounts were being moved to Hoplon. It has been 1181 days or ~3 years where they are currently in the process of moving accounts.

  • No official stance on username priority.
  • Free name changes will be available.
  • “I believe that the Hoplon accounts will be merged into Jericho.”
  • Clans will not be merged over.

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