Transfer Anarchy Matchmaking into Mission Districts

Transfer Anarchy Matchmaking into Mission Districts

I apologize for the lack of any new changes on the website. I’ve been brainstorming really hard about new ideas because I still can’t gain access to the database of weapon statistics (just kidding, I’ve just been playing other games and being a disappointment).

APB’s controversial Anarchy Event is back. Probably not as controversial as Vendetta (lemme borrow $300k real quick) or the crossover to console (which has been announced to be beneficial towards the PC audience).

What is the Anarchy Event?

With APB’s history of keeping events nearly the same, I’m confident in the information I’m passing on to you. However, this is a warning that not everything is 100% accurate.

Team Deathmatch

The Anarchy game mode is simply a huge team deathmatch consisting of 60 players set in the entire district. Before each event starts, the matchmaking works its magic and allows players from both factions to be put in the same team, unlike the regular mission district. Groups are also taken into consideration as they will not be separated in the matchmaking process.

Weapon Scavenging

A notable difference in this game mode is that you start off only with your secondary weapon. Weapons periodically spawn around the map. Once your score reaches 500, you are magically granted your primary weapon. This also starts a thing where you are shown to your enemies every now and then.

Anarchy is the right direction for Matchmaking

There was a forum post that described how max Rating players (255 at this current time) should allow an Enforcer/Criminal to be placed in the opposite faction within missions. The logic tied in with the lore as the criminals who reached a certain rating threshold basically had enough “power” to sell their services to either faction.

This is a simple optimization to the matchmaking that would increase the flexibility to the system without resorting to more expensive solutions (e.g. better hardware to increase maximum player capacity).

Just allow the system to place enforcers and criminals together which would allow the system to have more options in creating somewhat more balanced teams.

But muh uniqueness

Shut up. This is good for the game. Content gets released periodically that allows factions to use each others’ exclusive items.