It’s True: People have been getting banned for exploiting the Labor Day promo codes

It’s True: People have been getting banned for exploiting the Labor Day promo codes

The 2017 Labor Day codes gave out two codes that gave three items in total. Only one of them was worth making the effort to redeem the codes.

It was the TIGGSHBGIFT2017 that gave 2 free Tiggs Power Joker Mystery Boxes that contain the FFA ‘Bullshark’ and the FFA 5.56 R&D III’. Players soon found out that they could make new accounts and redeem the code as it seemed to not have any restrictions on how old the account had to be.

tiggs on labor day promo code exploit

An APB player posting on the forum account ‘pr0blem’ tried to make their case here. If you don’t want to read it (it’s not very long), this player created around 70 accounts to try and redeem the legendary weapons given out in the PJMBs. According to them, they had their 5 year old account banned with about 5,500 hours logged.

To put things in perspective, the current price for one “Tiggs Power Joker Mystery Box” is 400G1C, which is equal to $5 USD.

70 Accounts X 2 Tiggs PJMBs = 140 boxes
140 Boxes X $5 =  $700 USD

According to the OP, they only gained two legendary weapons. With them pushing their luck on creating new accounts to take advantage of the codes, the odds look even worse for them in regards to getting their account unbanned.

This sounds familiar…

It should. Back in January 28, 2015, there was a post that announced an “Emergency Server Maintenance” that acknowledged the existence of an ARMAS bug/exploit that allows players to redeem the same code multiple times with no limitation. If I remember correctly, the promo code gave out free premium and some Joker Mystery Boxes.

There were also players who stated that they weren’t aware of the exploit and noticed that when they tried to redeem the code once, a high amount of premium days would be added to their account. Some innocent players may have been wrongfully banned which is why the post contains so much negative feedback on an overall ban, instead of a general rollback of the server(if possible).

armas promo code exploit

Click here, here and here for relevant forum posts from confused players.

I think it’s odd that they did not place a requirement for an account to be over a certain amount of time before being able to redeem.