Obeya CR762

Obeya CR762

The Obeya CR762 Carbine is a semi-automatic rifle that is one of the three originals, it’s counterparts are the Joker SR315, and the OBIR.

The Obeya CR762 excels in medium to long range combat.

This weapon can send down rounds of fire at long ranges with high accuracy. Similar to the Joker Carbine, this weapon allows a lot of control, but has a slightly slower rate of fire.


It’s one of those “You hit what you aim at” weapons. RNG, or randomness, does not play a big factor in this weapon which makes it very, very consistent. I might use this word a lot, but it also offers a lot of control. You’re not held to any sort of special restriction. You shoot this gun, and you will proceed to hit where you aim. Of course, where it falls short is it’s close range capabilities. Submachine Guns and the Joker Carbine can easily dance around you.

You might be able to put up a small fight, but in most cases, the farther you are, the better.

Health Damage 245
Stamina Damage 20
Hard Damage 36.75
Time to kill 0.84s
Shots to kill 5
Equip Time 0.80s
Fire Interval 0.21s
Reload Time 2.70s
Ammo Capacity 100
Magazine Capacity 15

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