Obeya FBW

Obeya FBW

The Obeya FBW is one of the many secondary weapons available in the game. Alternatives include the ACT 44, Colby RSA, Colby SNR 850, Joker RFP-9, N-FA 9 and the S-AS PDW.

The FBW is a semi-automatic pistol that contains decent damage and high accuracy and control in the close to near medium range.

Ingame Description:

“The Obeya Fall Back Weapon is the standard side-arm for SPPD officers. Large magazine size, reliable shot patterns and decent rate of fire make this weapon a very efficient sidearm.”


The FBW is a weapon I’d highly recommend to know inside and out. Once mastered, you can almost replace it as your primary since it is very similar to the Joker Carbine SR15.

Fun Fact: There was a group of players who become so proficient with the weapon that they played under a different alias and were known as The Agents.

Of course, the FBW is still limited by it’s range. Don’t expect to outfight and win against longer ranged weapons.

Pros & Cons


  • Trusty – One of those weapons that still stands strong against time. Although it’s been modified in some patches, it continues to be a strong weapon that covers a decent range.
  • The Leading Brand – Very well known weapon and is the benchmark, at least to me, in finding out how good a player is. It’s well rounded and is deadly in a capable player’s hands.


  • Range – Unfortunately, the FBW isn’t able to present much of a threat to player’s on the farther end of the range spectrum. Expect your bullets to tickle players past 50m.

I’m going to make some cute icons, Pros & Cons is still a WIP. Sorry!

Health Damage 180
Stamina Damage 20
Hard Damage 21.60
Time to kill 1.00s
Shots to kill 6
Equip Time 0.35s
Fire Interval 0.20s
Reload Time 1.30s
Ammo Capacity 60
Magazine Capacity 15