The OBIR is a semi-automatic rifle that is one of the three originals, it’s counterparts are the Obeya CR762, and the Joker SR15 Carbine.

The OBIR is a three-round-burst, medium to long range rifle that has surprising accuracy. The OBIR is not very well equipped in being a strong close ranged weapon. It’s high TTK, or time to kill, at 1.2s, is much higher than average compared to other weapons.



I like having freedom. This gun doesn’t offer that much control. The three-burst shot can be either a blessing or a punishment. Benefits I can see are…

  • Off Guard – three round burst can catch people off guard as it melts health in chunks.
  • Accurate – not much crosshair bloom
  • Long range – although, the obeya, or both varieties of the sniper rifles can be more advantageous
  • Two full bursts and the first bullet from the third burst to kill

Although, the negatives, according to me

  • Stick to it’s Range – can’t handle itself quite as well as other weapons in close range
  • Burst Can Work Against You – burst mechanic allows a window frame for enemies to find cover immediately
  • Longer Than Usual – TTK is a little high.

You can be far more disruptive with other guns. Maybe I’m just picking at minor things, and maybe you’ll fall in love with it. This weapon isn’t for me.

I’d prefer an Obeya CR762 over this, but that’s just my own personal preference.


Health Damage 165
Stamina Damage 20
Hard Damage 19.80
Time to kill 1.20s
Shots to kill 7
Equip Time 0.80s
Fire Interval 0.05s
Reload Time 0.45s
Ammo Capacity 240
Magazine Capacity 24

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