“Whoops” – Mod Squad 88

“Whoops” – Mod Squad 88

Nothing new to post about the actual game, so I’ll write about things happening around it. Just a few weeks ago, I noticed a new Mod Squad name.

Mod Squad 88.

The bottom half of my last post was also posted on the forums.
(the post is locked on the forums by the mod in the below screenshot)

Exhibit A:

Keep in mind this screenshot. It’s very important. This is Mod Squad 88 informing everyone that they should only take the word of Tiggs as the best source of information.

Exhibit B:

(just pay attention to the original question, and the responses given by Mod Squad 88)

This was right after he posted the very first screenshot, that Tiggs is the “best source of information.” It’s odd for a forum moderator to spread misinformation…

“Fairly new to the forum moderation.”

I’m glad we’re in good hands now.

Dude, did your forum account get banned?

For some reason, I actually had a lot of people ask me if my forum account got banned. For those who care or just like to read, I’ll explain here.

I received my “last warning” a few days ago, and my last post was about posting in somewhat of an official tone about how the server hamsters were getting gassy because I changed their feed.

I got forum banned, because I said that the hamsters were getting gassy.


I also received a previous warning point for posting about how it was odd that there’s been a lot of posts regarding mod behaviors and inconsistencies.

However, there’s currently a forum post that’s still active and has a mod posted in it with no action taken. I did notice that there’s been some ninja-deleted posts in the topic, but I haven’t taken the time to compare what got deleted.

By the way, getting forum banned shows me the other side of what really happens. When your forum account gets “banned”, your account basically has all it’s permissions revoked.

You cannot visit any forums or click anything that’s related to the forums, even your own profile, messages, and notifications.

This is what you see:

Clicking on “Our help documentation” shows you the same screen.
Clicking on “Contact the community administrator” shows the loading cursor for a split second, before showing you the same screen.

The only way to inquire about your ban is to contact support, and they have an interesting habit of closing your ticket as soon as they give you their response, allowing for no actual conversation.

I also noticed that they don’t have those typical “Were you satisfied with the level of support you received today?”