Percussion Grenades

Percussion Grenades


Percussion Grenades

Percussion grenades or ‘percs‘ are grenades that explode on impact. These grenades have no fuse timer. They can explode impact on people and surfaces of cars, walls, and random objects in the streets.

These grenades deal a maximum of 400 health damage, and 350 stamina damage.

In-game Description:

Unlike other types of hand grenade, percussion grenades explode on contact. They have a modest blast radius.

Percussion are mostly seen with close-quarters combat weapons to take advantage of the near instant explosion activation time the grenade provides. Best suited for trying to finish off a player with low health.


Side trivia, according to, the fuse delay on this grenade is about 8192 seconds. That’s around 137 minutes rounded up, or ~2.283 hours.