Prestige and Notoriety

Prestige and Notoriety

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Prestige and Notoriety are utilized as a money multiplier system. Having low Prestige and Notoriety will give you less money, while having higher levels will give you more money. The highest level will put a District-wide bounty on your head, which will alert every player. Expect the opposing faction to try and eliminate you.

Prestige/Notoriety Levels

There are 6 levels. Having 0 Prestige/Notoriety will give you heavily reduced rewards. The money multiplier differs for both factions slightly. Criminals have the ability to gain Notoriety at a much faster rate, due to all the actions that count towards it.

Prestige-Notoriety Chart Money Multiplier

Faction 0 Stars 1 Star 2 Stars 3 Stars 4 Stars 5 Stars
Enforcer 0.1x 0.9x 1.0x 1.5x 1.8x 2.0x
Criminal 0.5x 0.9x 1.0x 1.3x 1.5x 2.0x

Bounty on Your Head?

When you reach the five stars for Prestige or Notoriety for your reward system, the game alerts the entire district. Players of the opposite faction will flock to your location and try to kill you. Players that successfully claim your bounty will receive $400. Players with premium will receive $900.

However, arresting a criminal while they have a bounty will net you $750 or $1688 with premium. Kills you pick up while defending yourself with only reward you with a small amount. Usually >$100.

Players of the same faction also have the ability to damage you while your at max prestige or notoriety. They get no rewards for killing you. It also reduces their Prestige/Notoriety to 0.

Good for Ram-Raiding

If you are ram-raiding, it’s wise to try and gain N5 so you can utilize the 2.0x money multiplier bonus.


Tip: Try ram raiding in empty districts. You’ll have less people to intervene on your crime adventures.

Fast Notoriety Boost:

  • You can raise notoriety at a quick rate by shooting NPC/enemy vehicles until level 3.
  • You can raise notoriety at a medium rate by exploding your personally owned vehicle.
  • You can raise notoriety at a medium rate by exploding NPC vehicles until level 4.
  • Mugging a civilian will automatically raise your notoriety from 0 to 1.