Promo Codes

Promo Codes

Promotional codes can randomly pop up but can also show up during events and allow you to redeem special items. These codes are only single-use.

Fun fact: There was a glitch for a certain redeem code that allow players to amass a bunch of premium days. Those who willingly exploited were punished.

Do you have any APB Promo Codes?

Here’s a small list of some promo codes. Information provided by forum post via Necromancer66. I cannot guarantee if these promotional codes are still active and usable. I will try to add new ones when I come across them.

FUN4ADAY – 1 day premium
VYEJ-LWWZ-3R35-G575 – 3 Days Premium
NG40WR4Q2K9M5CSL – 1 Day Premium
FairFight – 5 Days Premium + 50 G1C
PH4TB3ATZ – Headphones
INCOGN1TO – Domino Mask

R1FLE4ADAY – CR5 1 day lease
1DAYGOLDEN44 – ACT 44 gold plated, 1 day.

UWOTM8 – Taunt Emote
HAZARDOUS – 4 colour skins for the Hazardous TommyGun
1WUZH3R3 – Tag Font set


For new accounts only: