Ramming Plate

Ramming Plate

Ramming Plate

Ramming Plate is a green vehicle modification that increases ramming damage, collision damage, and reduces break efficiency by a percentage depending on the variation of the modification.

Alternative green modifications consist of Chassis Strengthening and Steel Plating.

In-game Description:

“Tough Iron Plates mounted at the front of the vehicle’s engine slightly increases the force transmitted when ramming enemy vehicles or objects.”

There are THREE variations of Ramming Plate:

Ramming Plate 1 – 

Increases ramming damage by +20%.
Increases collision damage by +20%.
Reduces brake efficiency by -20%

Unlocked at level 8 by Saul Linklater (enforcer) or Lilith Bloodrose (criminal).
Rating 30 required to equip.

Ramming Plate 2 –

Increases ramming damage by +35%.
Increases collision damage by +35%.
Reduces brake efficiency by -35%

Unlocked at level 8 by Hea Choi (enforcer) or Jeung Bloodrose (criminal).
Rating 40 required to equip.

Ramming Plate 3 –

Increases ramming damage by +50%.
Increases collision damage by +50%.
Reduces brake efficiency by -50%

Unlocked at level 13 by Justin Teng (enforcer) or Michael Simeone (criminal).
Rating 85 required to equip.

The price of the mod costs $10,000/$20,000/$60,000 respectively.


This modification is a two sided sword. While your able to send out more punishment with your vehicle, you also receive damage to your vehicle. Meaning that if you’re using a vehicle that has less health than your opponent, you’re doing more harm than good as you’ll probably be the one ending up in flames first.

I think this works well on vehicles that could bully others, like the Vegas or Espacio, but the damage that it gives back to the wielder could be costly since you could end up disabling your own car. This is significant because the quickest mode of transportation is through vehicles. It’s up to you to decide whether it’s worth the gamble.