Remote Detonator

Remote Detonator

The Remote Detonator is an Orange Character Mod that allows players to detonate their vehicle from any distance away from their car. The further they are from their car, the longer it takes for the car to detonate.


Remote Detonator is unlocked by reaching level 10 with Aletta Cadagan (Enforcer) or Gumball (Criminal). They require Rating 195, and cost $60,000 per modification.

You can also lease Remote Detonator for 7 days for $750 and 250 Joker Tickets from the Joker Distribution Store with no rating restrictions.

In-game Description:

A custom detonator paired with small explosives planted within your personal vehicle allows you to explode it from a distance.


This modification is quite the nuisance.

If you’ve played the game, I think it’d be safe to assume that you’ve ran into someone utilizing this mod. Or, more like they’ve ran into you with this mod, causing a big boom.

This modification is a martyr’s dream. You turn your player vehicle into a mobile explosion factory, as it allows cars to skip the engine-on-fire process, and go near instantly into the exploding state.

Combined with the vehicle mod “Brick”, you’re allowed to safely detonate your vehicle without the consequences of being in close proximity of an explosion. This creates for an annoying play style as it allows CQC players who are highly skilled to have two attacks. If you don’t die from the explosion, you’ll probably be easy pickings afterwards. The only counters to it would to be hide inside some sort of building, but that sounds easier said than done.