SHAW 556

SHAW 556

The SHAW 556 is one of the two original light machine guns in APB Reloaded, it’s counterpart being the ALIG 762. The SHAW speaks for itself. The rapid rate of fire and it’s terrorizing roar instills fear upon all within proximity.

When fired in controlled bursts, the SHAW is a great performer at long range. It is a strong anti-personnel weapon due to it’s large shooting capability per reload.


I really think the SHAW 556 is one of APB’s hidden gems. You rarely see this weapon in games, but if you combine all of it’s benefits…

  • performs well in short/medium/long range
  • rapid rate of fire, sound, and muzzle flash might disorientate enemies
  • great accuracy and damage
  • high ammo capacity and magazines
  • boasts a .56 TTK, or time to kill.

…it’s a hell of a weapon!

Of course, the cons to consider are:

  • slow reload time – 3.6 seconds
  • mobility issues – you can’t sprint your potential full speed, nor do you jog at full speed (just switch to your secondary to run faster).


A SHAW can effectively hold corridors and keep enemies stuck behind cover due to it’s high rate of fire and it’s generous capacity per reload, yet smarter opponents will utilize grenades to give themselves breathing room and to hopefully move you out of your set position.

Fun Fact: You can kill 12 enemies in one reload with maximum efficiency. Without wasting a single shot, you could theoretically kill 12 enemies within 6.72 seconds…


Health Damage 125
Stamina Damage 20
Hard Damage 15
Time to kill 0.56s
Shots to kill 8
Equip Time 1.00s
Fire Interval 0.08s
Reload Time 3.60s
Ammo Capacity 200
Magazine Capacity 100

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