Social District

Social District

The Social District is where you can socialize, buy, sell, design, and customize! Make sure you’ve done enough legitimate/illegitimate activities around San Paro to go on a personal shopping spree. Play a couple rounds in Fight Club or in the Mission Districts to earn some money for new weapons, clothes, and vehicles!

social district
Find this to get into the Social District.

Depending on which faction you are affiliated with, you have the option to spawn in the middle of the plaza or in your faction’s exclusive club. The opposite faction will not be allowed to enter the upper levels of each other’s clubs.

Opposite factions are also not allowed to /group with each other.


apb mailbox
This is how a typical modern day mail box looks like.


APB marketplace
MONEY! This is where you’ll either gain or lose money in the marketplace.

Wardrobe Editor

APB Wardrobe Editor
“What the?…I swear I put my socks in here somewhere…”

Symbol Designer

APB Symbol Designer
You might be the next da Vinci…or you might just be really edgy.

Character Editor

APB Character Editor
Do you think you’re missing a few attractive features? You can attach them on here at the Character Editor!

Vehicle Customizer

APB Vehicle Customizer
No, flame decals do NOT make your car go faster.

Music Studio

APB Music Studio
Music kiosks can be found in both faction’s clubs, and the Breakwater Galleria, a place no one ever goes.