APB Reloaded’s Lifespan

APB Engine Update

Time elapsed since July 17th 2013.

Detailed Stats & ARMAS Sale Alert (Wish List)

“This is being expanded to include all weapons, and we’re in the early stages of seeing how we might do the same thing with vehicles (though there are a few reasons we may find it best not to do this for vehicles, given a vehicle is far less the sum of its apparent stats, but I wanted to point out it is at least something we’re looking at).”

“Sometimes you want something and it’s just too expensive. We get that. To that end, we’re putting together a wish list so you can keep tabs on your most coveted items, and even be notified when something goes on sale.”

Announcement of Console Crossover

Xbox Soft Launch

“The console versions were originally supposed to ship a long time ago and we were contractually obligated to release the new engine on the console version before shipping these changes on PC.”

The items below are things that have been abandoned, paused, or dead.


Launch – Shutdown
79 days.

Revised Match-making

Scrapped. Announcement to abandonment.*
294 days.


Discontinued. Announcement to shutdown.
426 days.

rough estimates*