Spotter is an Orange Character Mod that allows you to ‘tag’ players when active, and allows you to track them through walls and other objects. When activated, the modification stays active for 10 seconds. Cooldown is 90s standard or 45s with premium.


Spotter is unlocked by reaching level 10 with Ernst ‘Mule’ Templeton (Enforcer) or Birth (Criminal). They require rating 195, and cost $60,000 per modification.

You can also lease Spotter for 7 days for $750 and 250 Joker Tickets from the Joker Distribution Store with no rating restrictions.

In-game Description:

Cross-Team Heads-up modifications allow you to target and track enemies you spot through walls and other obstacles, relaying this information to your teammates for a short duration.


This is a mod where it’s nice for one person to utilise as it allows you to see your opponents. This allows you more paths to explore. You can cut off your enemies before they reach their destination and catch them surprise. Players who have been spotted will see nothing on their screen to inform them.

This knowledge through walls allows you to know the general direction of their movement, and with proper communications, will allow you to shift your offence/defence to try and win one of many battles for position and objectives.