STAR 556

STAR 556

star 556

Star 556

The Star 556, or simply known as the STAR, is well known to all players APB. Why? Well, it’s the weapon everyone starts off with! Despite what some people say, this is a very solid gun. It is decent close range, and a good contender at medium range distances. It offers range and accuracy, and has an arguably better time with close quarters combat compared to it’s counterpart, the N-TEC 5. The NTEC also does 1% more damage than the STAR per shot.

In-game Description:

“A jack-of-all-trades in its class, the Somatic Tactical Assault Rifle works best at short to middle ranges. While not the most accurate of rifles, the STAR 556 can fire fully-automatic without extreme loss of precision, making it a useful training weapon.”



Along with most weapons, controlled tap firing is key and will help you retain accuracy while firing at distance. A large majority of players seem to prefer the STAR 556 over the N-TEC.

Side note: Based off of history, G1 seems to maintain the same holiday events. During the Valentine’s Day event, you are able to acquire a permanent Star with a hearts tagger mod. Although, the way of redemption is subject to change.

Pros & Cons


  • Trusty – The more accurate sibling of the NTEC. It is still a very viable weapon in the field.


  • Time – The TTK is .05s more than the NTEC. I don’t know if that means anything to you.
Health Damage 175
Stamina Damage 20
Hard Damage 19.25
Time to kill 0.75s
Shots to kill 6
Equip Time 0.8s
Fire Interval 0.15s
Reload Time 2.8s
Ammo Capacity 128
Magazine Capacity 32

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