Symbol Designer

Symbol Designer

If you’re looking to create a symbol to spray around town, or something to represent your clan, you need to find the Symbol Designer! (You can also create symbols in the Vehicle Customizer kiosk, Wardrobe Editor kiosk, and the Character Editor kiosk.) The only benefit from using exclusively a symbol designer is that you can instantly start designing. With the other kiosks, there is a small loading time.

How do I start creating?

You have four tabs to the box to the left, and they all contain symbols that are available for you to use. Those that aren’t selectable signals that you need to play more of the game to unlock them! The four tabs are Shapes, Decals, Fonts, and Custom Symbols that you’ve made, received, or bought off the marketplace.

How to modify layers?

You have all your layers shown.  The red trash can icon deletes the selected layer, and the duplicate button duplicates the selected layer. Layers are shown in the order they are listed. Layers at the highest of the list will be shown above every other layer, while the lowest layer will be hidden by any other layers listed higher than it. For example, the “Rounded 5-point Star” only partially shows behind the yellow circle because it is on the bottom of the list.

I ran out of layers?

If you don’t have premium, you are unfortunately limited to 25 layers. With premium, you’re allowed to have up to 100 layers in one symbol.

How to change colors?

You have your color palette. The first tab contains predefined cells of colors that are replaceable. You can create colors from mixing colors or using a hex code. To the left of this color palette, you’re able to choose 5 backgrounds. They are, from top to bottom, white, gray, black, light skin, and dark skin.

Can I add effects?

You have a selection of effects that you can add to a layer. You can only have one effect on a single layer.

What are the controls?

You have your designing controls. Hovering over a control will give you a definition and a shortcut that could potentially increase your workflow and make you more productive. Very useful for those who are handy with the designer and looking to make money.

free move allows you to freely move the symbol.

horizontal restricts it to horizontal movement.

vertical restricts it to vertical movement.

scale equal allows you to resize symbols with proportions.

free scale allows you to resize symbols freely without being locked to proportions.

scale horizontal restricts size changes horizontal.

scale vertical restricts size changes to vertical.

skew allows you to skew both horizontally and vertically.

skew horizontal restricts skewing to horizontal.

skew vertical restricts skewing to vertical.

rotate 90 clockwise rotates the symbol 90 degrees clockwise.

free rotate allows you to freely rotate.

rotate 90 counter clockwise rotates the symbol 90 counter-clockwise.

mirror horizontal flips the symbol horizontally.

mirror vertical flips the symbol vertically.

reset resets the decal.

redo / undo undoes/redoes action.

project / conform projects directly/conform symbol onto character.