Valzipram Tablets

Valzipram Tablets

Don’t do drugs kids, except Valzipram Tablets.

This Blue Character Mod allows you to double your chances of surviving a vehicular hit-and-run. 

Alternative blue modifications consist of Happy Landings, Hard Landings, and Car Surfer.

Ingame Description:

“Over the counter medication to relax your muscles during times of great stress. This flexibility allows you to survive hits from vehicles at great speeds.”


Valzipram Tablets are unlocked by reaching level 3 with Devil Dog (Enforcer) or Tip Toe (Criminal). They require Rating 195, and cost $60,000 per modification.

You can also lease Valzipram Tablets for 7 days for $750 and 250 Joker Tickets from the Joker Distribution Store with no rating restrictions.


Alternatives like Happy Landings 3 or Car Surfer are justified being used as full time blue modifications. Valzipram is a bit situational due to the fact that you’d have to expect to be in a wild stampede of vehicles.

Accepting this, Valzipram is very effective at taking out players who favor utilizing vehicles. The only style of vehicular combat you can’t counter against, are the one’s who use Remote Detenator. Valizipram doesn’t protect against explosions, but Flak Jacket does.

Also, the ingame description exaggerates a little bit. I wouldn’t say this mod allows you to survive impacts from “great” speeds, but your survivability towards moving cars is definitely noticable.