VAS-R2 ‘Sword’

VAS-R2 ‘Sword’

The VAS-R2 ‘Sword’, commonly known as VAS or Sword, is an assault rifle that is effective for medium ranged combat.

This weapon is a reskin of the NTEC 5, which means they both utilize the same weapon statistics and mechanics.

It is only acquired through the ARMAS marketplace as a loyalty reward. A loyalty reward is an item that is given to a player when they reach a certain threshold of G1C spent in the ARMAS marketplace.


It performs exactly identical to the NTEC, so there isn’t much to add here. Therefore, I’ll add a bunch of useless words here that don’t really mean much.

I think it looks cool.

It also makes cool gun sound noises.

Other people also think that the gun feels and sounds cooler than the NTEC.

And if you’re wondering, melee weapons don’t exist in this game. So if you ever find yourself in a scenario where you and your opponent completely deplete their ammunition supplies, and you weren’t able to resupply anywhere nearby, you’d be forced to either stare each other to death or jump into a car and try to run each other over.

If you want to know more about the weapon, please read the NTEC 5 article, since they’re the same weapons underneath.