Vehicle Customizer

Vehicle Customizer

What is the Vehicle Customizer?

The Vehicle Customizer is a kiosk found in the Social District. It allows players to customize their vehicles, applying symbols, vehicle kits and change colors. Simply select the vehicle you wish to customize, and then press the ‘Customize’ button on the bottom of the left side module.

Vehicle Parts

Once you’ve pressed the customize button on your selected vehicle, you’ll be thrown into the first tab, Vehicle Parts. The top half of the module will show you the category of part you are changing, and the bottom half will be the individual options you have for that category.

Some vehicle parts are available through progression, some through Joker Tickets, and some through the ARMAS Marketplace.

Paint Colors

Paint colors can be changed for the entire car, or be individually set. You can also tick on the options for Pearlescent and Metallic Paint. You are also given your color palette if you wish to use colors you’ve saved.


The third tab allows you to modify symbols on your selected vehicle. For players without premium, you are restricted to 7 symbols.


addnewbutton Adds a new decal layer.

insertlayer Insert a new decal layer.

duplicate Duplicated a selected decal layer.

replace Replace the current decal with a different symbol.

delete Delete the selected decal layer.


Designing Controls

free move allows you to freely move the symbol.

horizontal restricts it to horizontal movement.

vertical restricts it to vertical movement.

scale equal allows you to resize symbols with proportions.

free scale allows you to resize symbols freely without being locked to proportions.

scale horizontal restricts size changes horizontal.

scale vertical restricts size changes to vertical.

skew allows you to skew both horizontally and vertically.

skew horizontal restricts skewing to horizontal.

skew vertical restricts skewing to vertical.

rotate 90 clockwise rotates the symbol 90 degrees clockwise.

free rotate allows you to freely rotate.

rotate 90 counter clockwise rotates the symbol 90 counter clockwise.

mirror horizontal flips the symbol horizontally.

mirror vertical flips the symbol vertically.

reset resets the decal.

redo / undo undoes/redoes action.

project directly projects directly/conform symbol onto character.

vehicle customizer mirror mirrors the symbol to the other side of the vehicle.


License Plates

The fourth and final tab allows you to change the text of your license plates. You also have 12 options to change the look of the plates. You are limited to 8 characters.