Vehicles in APB allow you to get to places really fast. Well, depends on what kind of car you have. Players receive no damage for jumping out of a moving vehicle. Vehicles can also be used for combat purposes as well.


Only vehicles that you’ve personally purchased from a contact or ARMAS Marketplace that explicitly states that the vehicle is customized, or not a preset, will be customizable. You’ll be able to place your self-made designs onto your vehicle, change the colors, and the car kit.

More on customizing vehicles here.

Combat Purposes?

With the addition of Car Modifications and Character Modifications, your vehicle can be turned into a death delivery system. You’re able to run over any player with any vehicle. Slower moving cars will have a tougher time. Cars can be taken over from Civilians in the game, but you are unable to take over the vehicle of other players.

Friendly Vehicles

You may enter a friend’s or teammate’s vehicle as a passenger if you desire. To position your player outside of the window to initiate “Drive-by” mode, simply press in any direction, WASD. To return back into the safety of the vehicle, press a movement key again. Only certain weapons are able to be fired outside the window. Those that don’t fit the criteria will have a red circle with a diagonal cross going through it, signifying the restriction.

Players are also able to reload inside the vehicle, but there’s no prompt letting you know that reloading is taking place. Just press the R button, and you’ll see your ammo counter display a full magazine/cartridge/etc.

Enemy Vehicles

Enemy vehicles can be revealed by hovering the crosshairs over a suspected car. Certain vehicle modifications will display the enemy vehicle on your minimap. The symbol that looks like (pic) means that this is a Mobile Radar Tower, which detects any enemies within 20m. The symbol that looks like (pic) means that this is a Mobile Spawn Point, which allows players to spawn inside the vehicle.

According to APBDB, Respawns are denied if the player dies 20m within his previous location, or if an enemy is within 35m.

What do you Recommend?

-The modification Brick allows you to continue the cars acceleration for 10 seconds after activation, even without a driver. You’re basically propping a brick against the acceleration pedal. Allows you to cause your opponent to play dodgeball with an automobile, while you’re shooting at them from a safe distance.

-The modification Explosives allows you to cause your vehicle’s explosion radius to be higher. Bigger boom = more kills. Usually. The range of the explosion increases 15% in each level.

-The modification Remote Detonator allows you to detonate your deployed vehicle after 2s + 0.05s per meter. (info from APBDB) This modification ONLY affects your own personal deployed vehicle.

I just gave you the most deadliest combination in APB history. Much controversy was had over this combination. Players will absolutely hate your guts for this. I’m not even joking here, buddy. People will call you very bad names. Use this knowledge at your own risk. Don’t come back to me if they hurt your feelings.