What is the XBox One Founders Pack?

What is the XBox One Founders Pack?


For Xbox One players, those who log in before July 4th will be able to unlock the following items in the XBox One Founders Pack:

  • Fireworks Flare Launcher
  • Mikro JC14 ‘New-Cross’ for criminals or the ‘BobCat’ Vaquero PRC40 for Enforcers

The Fireworks Flare Launcher is a secondary weapon. It is a good scouting weapon, which will explode at a certain range, and reveal players through buildings and objects for a limited amount of time. But it is highly recommended for players to keep the default FBW as their secondary, since it is able to outshoot

The Mikro is comparable to a Mini-Cooper, and the Vaquero looks like a Jeep. I’m not very car-savvy so excuse my poor comparisons.


If you accumulate more than 10 hours of gameplay, you’ll receive an exclusive title – XBOX ONE FOUNDER and a exclusive XBox One weapon skin.

Basically, you’ll have floating text that’ll display under your name while you play, and a weapon skin that’s applicable to most, if not all weapons.

July 4th is the deadline. The title and weapon skin will not be able to be bought or obtained in any other way after the deadline.

These rewards will be given out on the release of the first update.